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Easy Red Sangria Recipe For Your Next Dinner Party

If you are looking for an easy red sangria recipe, this one is sure to become a favorite. It's not complicated and requires ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Use a low tannic wine for best results. Feel free to experiment and add whatever type of fruit you like, and you can substitute whiskey or even vodka for the brandy if desired....(more)

Warm Wine Recipe

This warm wine recipe is for mulled wine, a centuries-old holiday treat that is excellent for gatherings and cold winter nights. Your friends and family are sure to enjoy this refreshing drink....(more)

A Recipe for Hot Mulled Wine

Many people enjoy a room-temperature or chilled glass of wine, but what a lot of people do not know is that hot wine can be great as well. One type of hot wine that is very popular is mulled wine, which is typically served during the seasons of Christmas and Halloween. This is a very festive and flavorful drink that is made with a variety of ingredients. Mulled wine includes fruit and a variety of spices, in addition to the alcohol itself. This combination of ingredients works very well to create the unique taste of mulled wine. The following is an easy, delicious hot wine recipe that is sure to become the hit of any holiday party in your home....(more)

Best Dishes for Cooking with Red Wine

If you are a fan of drinking wine, but have never used it in your favorite recipes, you're missing out on something special. Red wine adds complex flavor and aroma to certain dishes, especially those that you would pair with it. The following dishes and foods are among those that can benefit from a bit of red wine added during the cooking process....(more)

Food Pairings

The Dos and Dont's of Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Insider tips for making sure that your Thanksgiving dinner wine picks don't turn out to be turkeys....(more)

White Wines for Autumn

Cooler Fall weather got you thinking about red wines? Don't forget about these white wines that are also great matches for the Autumn season....(more)

Wine Book Review: The Food Lover's Guide to Wine by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

A review of "The Food Lover's Guide to Wine" by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, from a wine - and food - lover's perspective....(more)


Wine Book Review: American Wine Economics by James Thornton

An often misunderstood aspect of the wine industry gets a thorough - but thoroughly academic - deep dive....(more)

Five Wine Producers to Watch in the Sonoma Coast

Five up and coming Sonoma Coast wine producers on which to keep your vinous loving eye....(more)

Wine Book Review: Sonoma by Andy Katz

A stunning view of one of California's less-photographed wine country destinations...(more)

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